Bali Villa Sales

Living on Bali
Moving away from a stressful city life and escaping to a tropical island sounds like an idyllic
fantasy. It could not just be a fantasy, you can make the dream reality.
Is moving to Bali for you? Bali’s visitors are mostly divided into two types, some say they
couldn’t live here. Others, however, claim that they feel at home the minute they got off the
plane. If you’re really considering the possibility of living here you can make it work.
Bali has got a lot to offer, it is an island of extremes, good and bad. Acknowledging and
dealing with the difficulties and dangers that exist on the island will be a great first step.
Dangerous roads, heavy traffic, difficulties with the immigration department, the occasional
financial rip-off, power cuts, Bali has got it all.
But you will also find the other extreme, the good side, the friendly people, the business
possibilities, the diverse and spiritual culture. The joy and rewards of living here are endless.
The first few months you will have some challenges to face. Prepare yourself for these tasks
and you will be experiencing the Bali dream life sooner than you would think was possible.

Finding a place to live
Start with finding your favourite area. Most expats live in the South of Bali. Canggu, Umalas,
Kerobokan, Ubud, Jimbaran and Sanur are the main areas you will find lively expat
communities. There are a lot of living possibilities in these areas. Finding a house or villa can
be a struggle. Buying a home on Bali is easier when you have found your way on the island.
Renting a house or villa is best to start with. Mostly rental periods are per year, payment is
usually up front. You can get help from professionals on the island. A good website is, here you can find a lot of long term villa rentals in different areas and for lower and higher budgets. If you want to buy or lease a villa on bali we recommend you to visit This website has the largest listing of villas for sale and lease on Bali.

Making a living
Finding a job on Bali can be hard. Having some connections on the island is needed in your
search for a job. Mastering the language provides a bigger chance for success. The language,
Bahasa Indonesia, is not the most difficult in the world. Words in Bahasa are pronounced
pretty much as they are written. In comparison to European languages, the grammar is very
Starting your own business is also a possibility. Working through the permits can take a long
time. However, due to the growing economy and millions of yearly visitors, opportunities on
Bali might be waiting for you.
Finding work once you are in Bali is usually more challenging than having one before you
move to Bali, especially as far as visas and permits are concerned. Therefore it is better to
begin your job search before your intended moving date.