Bali Villa Sales

The Art of Bargaining
If you have just arrived , get a general idea of how much people are paying as the sellers are very quick to know who is a “newbie” in town and who isn’t . This way you will help avoid the first day rush to buy and then find you paid 2 or 3 times what you should have. Before you start bargaining , always have a price in your head that you won’t go over . ( Generally 1/4 to 1/3 what the starting price is )
Don’t be too shy about this way of shopping.
The first rule is DON’T give a price unless you intend to buy. Once you give a price…no matter how small, you have started the process of bargaining and if the seller agrees on YOUR price, it is considered VERY rude to then not purchase the item.
Once you have found something you like and the seller has given you a STARTING price you then offer a counter attack price. ( Your counter offer should generally be 1/5 to 1/4 what the seller is offering ) They will of course , claim that this is too low (which it is ) and that they will not make any money from the sale. They will then make a counter offer lower than their starting price , and away you go….As a guide , if the seller comes down in 10,000 you go up in 5,000. The best bargainer will walk away with the best price. Remember as you get closer to your intended purchase price , you maybe haggling over a few cents…but don’t let this worry you, as the Balinese are very good at haggling . If it is a few cents over your intended purchase price and the seller will not relent…..who cares…GET IT !!!
*Note : If a price is offered in Dollars….It is always US$ unless first stated. If buying something small, always double check it before you hand over your money as the street sellers are very good at sleight of hand and you may end up buying a watch that isn’t working or your finest silver bracelet is now a piece of tin. ( This is NOT common practice , however it does happen )
If you DO NOT want to engage in a bargaining contest and are not interested in the seller’s wares , DO NOT make eye contact with the seller OR stop and browse through a hawker’s offers.

The BEST place to bargain. You will find one of the largest outdoor markets at Kuta. Remember to bring cash as not many of the market stalls have credit card facilities.You will find that there are hundreds of small shops all selling similar things and a great place to try out your new found bargaining skills. Wood carvings , silver wear , cassette’s / CD’s , Tshirts and sarongs are a few of the items laid out to tempt you. Generally the t’shirts are copies and therefore bring a cheaper price than the originals but they do make great last minute gifts for friends stuck at home. For as little as 15,000 Rp each, you can bring an armful home and the quality is still fairly good.

Designer Stores
Stores like : Reebok , Nike , Hugo Boss , Animale are just the tip of the iceberg for what’s available in Kuta Square..the location of the largest grouping of Name brand apparel shops on Bali. As these shops have to compete with the markets just outside their doors , you will find specials and sales on all year round. Some of the sales are up to 50% OFF and in some cases for old stock , 70% OFF. Although there is NO bargaining involved ( Phew you say ) The prices offered are 1/4 to 1/2 what you would pay at home. The stores are also air conditioned and are worth a pop in just to have a browse and cool off.

Makro Store:
Situated on the Denpasar bypass Rd to Sanur. At Makro you will be able to stock up on many many everyday items available in “Bulk” Great if you have a large family or there are a few of you. Makro stocks everything from electronic equipment, fridges, Microwave ovens to noodles, beer, soft drinks, water, fruit and vegetables. They also have a great range of Lollies ( Sweets ) for the children, pens pencils etc.
You have to pay 1,000Rp entrance fee p.p. ( in 2001, may be a little more now. ) They will not permit any bags or camera’s into the store. There is a taxi rank outside the store in the car park. Situated app 10 mins from Kuta and 15 mins from Sanur it’s well worth a visit….. ( Check they take your credit card before entering or have at least 500,000rp in cash on you. hehe )

Shopping in Villages :
Factory Outlets
Once you leave the hub’s of Kuta or Sanur, you will find that each small town you visit produces its own type of goods. A small selection of these small towns and factory outlets can be visited in a days Trip to Kintamani ( Bali’s still active volcano ) The tour driver will no doubt take you to one of his family or friend’s shops(as they will get commission if you purchase) so if you would like to visit a particular area or shop its best to advise him before you start your journey.

Home for Stone carvings : Traditional stone sculptures carved from soft Volcanic rock. If you have the time in bali , they will carve requests.

Home for paintings : The centre of the artistic scene in Bali. Originally the home of paintings in Bali but a walk along the main street of Ubud will find stores selling clothing, antiques, jewellery, homewares and handicrafts. There are also numerous Temples, ancient sites and of course, great restaurants around Ubud. You may need a day or two just to relax away from the bustle and take it all in.

Home of Siver and Gold smiths : Huge stores hosting a wide variety of intricately designed pieces of jewellery. Bargaining is a must however the best deals can be found in the side streets where the silver and goldsmiths work and live. Earrings, bracelets rings and brooches are just some of the pieces on offer.

Home of the Woodcarvers : This village and the nearby villages specialise in the carving of the soft woods into sculptures. Spend some time watching these very talented craftsman at work and using only chisels and sand paper, they create statues from a few inches high to several metres.