Bali Villa Sales

A typical night out in Bali for the chic and not so shy local gay community and gay tourists would consist of Sunset drinks – either in your private villa or at one of the fab beachfront bars such as Kudeta Cocoon, Potato Head or La Luciola just to name a few and then onto dinner at one of Seminyak’s great restaurants like sarong, Mamasan, Warisan, Sip, Metis and of course good old Rumours which is excellent and so cheap it is amazing they survive. But competion is stiff so you can get a good meal at any of the other establishments along the restaurant strip. Seminyak is basically 2 streets – Jalan Dyana Pura known as the gay bar strip and next to that but too far to walk is Jalan Laksmana known as the restaurant strip (see gay map). A taxi from any bar to any restaurant or vice versa will never cost you more than a couple of dollars but most people have their own mopeds to scoot around on which is great fun and reasonably safe so long as you don’t go too fast. An international motorbike driving licence is needed for mopeds which if you don’t have, can be bought for $25 from the Kerobokan Police Station (the bike rentor will usually take you there and organise this for you to encourage you to rent a bike off him) but if you don’t have one and get pulled over by the police, expect to pay an on the spot fine of about $10 – less if you are good at bargaining.

Along the Bar strip (see map) you will find Mixwell which has a drag show most nights and is especially busy on Fridays and Saturdays . Right next door is Bali Joe and then after that Facebar which also both have drag shows and are both very popular from about midnight most nights and definitely worth a visit. Best parties are in August at Kudeta, Potato Head, Cocoon and the other would class venues hosting international dj’s. New years eve is always a great night with parties everywhere. Do not even think about buying, taking or talking about any type of drugs in Bali because besides the fact that they are no good, the penalty if you are arrested is DEATH!!!